Seed treatment for control of Fusarium in cereals (Final result)

Fusarium head blight of wheat (FHB), Fusarium graminearum, and pink ear rot of maize (PER), F. verticillioides, are two plant diseases causing severe quantitative and qualitative yield losses. In addition, these plant pathogens produce mycotoxins that are harmful to human and animal health. In preliminary studies conducted by University of Padova (Italy), Trichoderma harzianum strain DSM25764 had shown promising activity against FHB and PER. It was therefore decided to investigate whether this BCA, applied as seed treatment (i.e. below-ground), could actually control FHB and PER in aerial plant parts (i.e. above-ground), and thus constitute a valuable microbial plant protection tool.

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Massimo Benuzzi
Massimo Benuzzi
Fusarium in cereals