Powdery Mildew Update March 2017

In 2016 four selected strains showed promising results in field trials in the Netherlands. Two of these strains will be tested again under field conditions in 2017 in the Netherlands and Sweden.

In 2015, 185 fungal isolates were tested under controlled conditions against powdery mildew in wheat plants, and under different environmental conditions (temperature, moisture, UV).

Based on the results of these bioassays four strains were selected for field trials in 2016. In these field trials the four strains showed promising results by reducing the number of pustules of powdery mildew and the number of spores per cm2 on wheat leaves. None of the evaluated strains showed toxicity or deleterious effects on wheat leaves. Two strains in particular showed higher efficacy in powdery mildew reduction when compared to the untreated control.

Currently, these strains are being characterized at the molecular level and mode of action against powdery mildew. Also, they will be tested again under field conditions in 2017 to evaluate their consistency as biocontrol agents. Mass production and formulation of the strains is currently investigated.

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Picture: Bioassays of the fungal isolates. (Picture Wageningen University & Research)

Powdery Mildew Update March 2017


Jürgen Köhl
Jürgen Köhl
Powdery mildew in cereals