Genetics for trait improvement of EPN (Final result)

The entomopathogenic nematode (EPN) Heterorhabditis bacteriophora is a BCA for insect pests widely used in greenhouse-environments and orchards. Industrially, this EPN is produced in liquid culture in large bioreactors and is delivered to the end- user as powder-formulated product. Unfortunately, stress factors during production, formulation, transport, and application reduce the shelf-life and virulence. Hence, positioning H. bacteriophora in new markets to replace agrochemicals, such as in field crops, is obstructed by high costs associated to this short shelf life. In BIOCOMES we aimed to improve the virulence and shelf-life of this EPN by identifying the genetic basis of these traits.

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Ralf-Udo Ehlers
Ralf-Udo Ehlers
Production and storage of nematodes