Bacterial seed treatments against Brassica diseases (Final result)

The overall objective of the BIOCOMES project was to develop a sustainable method of protecting oilseed rape and Brassica vegetables against fungal pathogens using seed treatment with beneficial bacteria with the focus on Verticillium wilt. Serratia plymuthica HRO-C48 and Paenibacillus polymyxa Sb3-1 were identified as promising BCAs against Verticillium wilt in oilseed rape. Specific objectives were to understand the mode of actions of the selected BCAs, develop genome-based optimized protocols for effective fermentation and commercial formulations for seed, and to evaluate biocontrol effects of both BCAs on oilseed rape and Brassica vegetables under commercial conditions.

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Gabriele Berg
Gabriele Berg
Soil-borne Verticillium wilt diseases in oil seed rape and vegetables