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Entomopathogenic viruses

Entomopathogenic viruses can infect and kill pest insects. In nature there are entomopathogenic fungi, nematodes, bacteria and viruses everywhere. They contribute to the natural regulation of many populations of pest insects.

In vitro production

The entomopathogenic virus LdMNPV for example is highly effective against gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar. This pest causes losses in forestry in different climatic zones.

So far a LdMNPV production is possible in vivo using the pest insect as host to meet the market requirements. BIOCOMES will focus on the development of the in vitro production of this LdMNPV virus to allow a significant further up-scaling of the production. The in vitro production of the LdMNPV agent will be developed in cell cultures to replace in vivo production depending on insect rearing. The BIOCOMES biological control agent that will be developed against gypsy moth will include this pilot technology.

Markus Züger
Markus Züger
Production of viruses

Current stage of the Biological Control Agent



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