Effect of stabilizers on the shelf-life of Penicillium frequentans conidia and their efficacy as a biological agent against peach brown rot

Stabilizers were added to conidia of Penicillium frequentans at two different points of the production-formulation process to improve shelf-life of conidia stored at different temperatures. Effects were also tested on conidial germination and production. Germination of conidia without additives was 90.2%; sodium chloride, potassium chloride, triton TX100, dimethyl sulphoxide, peroxidase, 0.375% and 0.075% ascorbic acid, 7.5% and 3.75% sucrose, and 7.5% and 3.75% d-sorbitol reduced significantly (P=0.05) conidial germination, while no effect was observed with glucose, lactose, maltose, sodium glutamate, glycerol, peptone, sodium alginate, carboximethylcellulose, Tween 80, and gelatine.

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