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Since 1997, pcfruit npo is the co-ordinating organisation of the research and advisory services of fruit growing in Belgium. It is a co-operation between the Royal Research Station of Gorsem and the two experimental gardens, Experimental Garden for Small Fruits Tongeren, and Experimental Garden for Pome and Stone Fruits Velm. They are now all centralized at one location in Sint-Truiden.

Pcfruit npa has a track record of 70 years experience in research & development, demonstration and advice on most aspects of fruit production. pcfruit wants to give additional value to fruit growing by carrying out applied scientific research and experimental research, by collection information, transferring information, and services, taking into account the social developments. Intensive gathering of scientific knowledge through applied research allows us to develop sustainable solutions for the problems fruit growers can be confronted with today as well as in the future. Our expertise in four basic area “Zoology” (insects and mites – pests and beneficials), “Mycology” (fungal diseases), “Pomology” (crop research and bacterial diseases) and “Environment and technique” (application techniques, biofilters, etc.) forms the backbone of the department of applied scientific research. This knowledge is translated towards practice through a close internal collaboration with two experimental gardens (one for pome and stone fruit and one for strawberries and small fruit) and consultants, and towards the industry within the framework of trials (GEP field and laboratory) and expert’s reports for the plant protection industry.

Research activities include:

  • Plant protection products
  • Plant nutrition
  • Variety testing
  • Machinery and equipment


T: +32 11 69 70 80

E: pcfruit@pcfruit.be

W: http://www.pcfruit.be

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Pcfruit npo