Andermatt Biocontrol

Andermatt Biocontrol AG is a Swiss based, family- and employee-owned SME with activities in the biocontrol and biostimulant sector. The key expertise of Andermatt Biocontrol is the production of baculoviruses, beneficial insects and rodent traps.
Andermatt Biocontrol was founded in 1988 by Dr. Isabel Andermatt and Dr. Martin Andermatt. The company has been producing and marketing plant protection solutions such as baculovirus products, beneficial insects and rodent traps for more than 25 years. Andermatt Biocontrol distributes its own products as well as some high-quality trade products all over the world.
The company’s main goal is to develop and market effective biological plant protection products for organic and integrated crop production. Andermatt Biocontrol is present with its own companies in Switzerland, Canada, Holland and France and has more than 150 distribution partners in more than 30 countries worldwide.
With the aid of its own research and development department, Andermatt Biocontrol constantly develops new products and improves its existing products and processes. Andermatt Biocontrol’s outstanding standards of quality and its permanent focus on customer satisfaction guarantee a high maintenance of  Swiss quality in its products.


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Andermatt Biocontrol