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A stepping stone to a career in biocontrol

Within the different BIOCOMES work packages, many young scientists are working on finding and improving biological control agents. Who are they, and what does the cooperation within...

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A biological control agent to control gypsy moth part 2

The gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) is one of the insect species which causes significant economic damage to forests and orchards. It is a polyphagous insect that feeds on hundreds species of trees,...

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Tailwind for biological control

The European Parliament unanimously accepted a proposal to speed up market registration of products for biological control of pests, that have a low environmental impact. Almost at the same time,...

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A biological control agent to control cabbage moth

One of the BIOCOMES objectives is to develop a biological control product for control of cabbage moth. The cabbage moth Mamestra brassicae is among the most damaging pests in cabbage...

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Biological control and the food production of the future in Sweden

Mariann Wikström from the Agro Plantarum was invited by the Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences to talk about the BIOCOMES project during their theme day: biological control and the food...

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