Find out which aphid you have in your fruit orchard with the BIOCOMES Aphid Identification Guide

In the BIOCOMES project we have developed a unique tool that helps fruit growers and researchers to identify aphids in fruit tree crops. In the Aphid Identification Guide you can identify different aphid species appearing in almond, apricot, blackthorn, cherry plum, peach, pear, plum and cherry orchards. Pictures and clear descriptions help to identify the right aphid in just a few steps.

In North-Western Europe more than 20 aphid species have been identified as economically important pests on the most commonly grown fruit trees. The Aphid Identification Guide describes these 20 aphid species. This is the first version of the Aphid Identification Guide. The current content of the guide will be expanded in the next year with other identification criteria and a glossary with illustrations of some anatomical parts of the aphids.

The BIOCOMES partners working on the development of a biological control agent against aphids in fruit trees consists of 3 partners: Viridaxis (Belgium), PCfruit (Belgium) and the Faculty of Biology – University of Belgrade (Serbia).

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Colony of Dysaphis plantaginea aphids appearing in apple orchards

Colony of Dysaphis plantaginea aphids appearing in apple orchards. (Picture: University of Belgrade, Serbia)

Nora de Rijk
Communication and dissemination BIOCOMES project
Wageningen UR, the Netherlands