Boosting the development of new crop protection products for agriculture and forestry

There are several reasons why biological control is not yet widespread. One of the reasons is the generally low price of chemical pesticides. ‘We currently have difficulty competing with other chemical products on the market’ says Ralf Udo Ehlers of e-nema, one of the companies involved in the BIOCOMES project.

BIOCOMES coordinator Jürgen Köhl affirms that development and registration of crop protection products is expensive and complex. ‘The EU states that growers must first look into biological control methods should their crops be affected. Unfortunately there is a major shortage of these products. With the BIOCOMES project the EU is stimulating the development of biological control products’.

In Plant Life, the digital newsletter focused on plant research of Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) Köhl and Ehlers have been interviewed about the BIOCOMES project.

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Nora de Rijk
Nora de Rijk
Communication and dissemination BIOCOMES project