Biological control and the food production of the future in Sweden

Mariann Wikström from the Agro Plantarum was invited by the Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences to talk about the BIOCOMES project during their theme day: biological control and the food production of the future.

In her presentation Wikström described the different research projects she works on for the BIOCOMES project and talked about the developments in biological control. Agro Plantarum is executing the field trials for the Verticillium Wilt, Powdery Mildew, Fusarium head blight and Cabbage moth research in Sweden. To develop a new biological pesticide many tests are required to check whether the organisms are for example able to grow at low temperatures, are drought-resistant and able to live with clear sunlight.

After the presentation Wikström was interviewed by Lantbruksnytt (a web-tv provider) (it is in Swedish with no subtitles!)


Nora de Rijk
Nora de Rijk
Communication and dissemination BIOCOMES project