A biological control agent to control brown rot

One of the BIOCOMES objectives is to develop a control product to control brown rot on stone fruit.

The annual production of stone fruit in Europe amounts to 4.2 million tonnes (727,700 ha). Italy, Spain, Greece and France are the main producers. The economic losses due to brown rot may reach up to 80% of production depending on the cultivar (early or late season variety) and on seasonal weather conditions. These high losses ask for new strategies to control brown rot.

In the BIOCOMES project, several partners are working together to characterize two biocontrol agents, to optimize the production of the BCA’s and to start developing an application strategy for the control of brown rot in stone fruit.

In this slide share presentation we will explain more about brown rot and our activities to find 2 sustainable biocontrol products to counteract it.


Nora de Rijk
Nora de Rijk
Communication and dissemination BIOCOMES project