The EU emphasizes the role of integrated pest management as an important approach to reduce dependency on pesticides use. When pesticides are used,  biological control measures – together with physical and other non-chemical methods – should have first preference (Directive 2009/128/EC).
The EU is stimulating the development of biological control products by financing this BIOCOMES project. The BIOCOMES project runs from 1 December 2013 until 30 November 2017. The EU contribution is €8.997.264 and the total budget amounts €12.086.533.

Advantages of biological control

Biological control of pests and diseases can be a very effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly strategy for crop and forest protection as part of integrated pest management (IPM) practices. The availability of sufficient biological control products is important for an effective IPM strategy.  Unfortunately, biological control alternatives against a range of important pests and pathogens – causing high economic losses to agriculture and forestry – are not or not sufficiently available at this moment. The EU is now giving a major boost to the biological control market by co-financing the BIOCOMES project.

Biological control strategies

At the end of this project in November 2017 BIOCOMES partners expect to have developed 11 new biological control products to control a number of important pests and diseases in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Furthermore, two new technologies to improve the production of nematode and virus agents will be developed. An important contribution to the effectiveness of an integrated pest management approach for farmers and foresters.

Some of the BIOCOMES products will be available at the end of 2017. Others will be ready for registration and available on the market thereafter.


Every pest and disease page offers  the possibility to contact one of our BIOCOMES experts with your questions relating to the biological control approach of a pest or disease. On the Contact page you will find contact information of the whole BIOCOMES team.


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Implementation and ensuring exploitation and impact of production technologies and 11 BCAs:

Economic sustainability

Ecological sustainability

Risk assessment

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