BCA against Whitefly

BIOCOMES objectives:

To develop a microbial biocontrol agent based on the entomopathogenic fungus Isaria fumosorosea for control of pest insects on vegetables under different environmental conditions in greenhouse and open field. The specific objectives are:

  • To compare the potential of at least 10 Isaria fumosorosea isolates with an already available strain
  • To determine the efficacy of 5 selected Isaria fumosorosea strains under controlled laboratory conditions against whitefly and the possible side-effects against beneficial insects
  • To develop a strain-specific marker for identification of 2 Isaria fumosorosea strains
  • To optimize the efficacy and its reliability under various environmental conditions of 1 optimized formulation Isaria fumosorosea. To evaluate the dose-response of optimized formulations of Isaria fumosorosea under greenhouse conditions
  • To assess the efficacy of the formulated product of Isaria fumosorosea under commercial growing conditions in vegetable crops grown in Mediterranean greenhouses and open fields, as well as in Brassica crops grown in the Northern zone.

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Photo: Isaria fumosorosea on PDA media. Picture: Bayer CropScience Biologics GmbH.

Ute Eiben
Ute Eiben
Whitefly in vegetables

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