BCA against Fusarium

BIOCOMES objectives:

The overall objective is to develop a seed treatment for maize and wheat for the control of Fusarium spp. based on an already selected strain of the biological control agent Trichoderma harzianum. The specific objectives are:

  • To characterize the Trichoderma harzianum strain and complement existing knowledge on characteristics of this strain.
  • To determine the minimum effective dose of T. harzianum and its effect on Fusarium survival under controlled conditions in soil on roots.
  • To develop an effective commercial formulation of the strain for seed treatment with optimum shelf-life.
  • To evaluate the efficacy and establish the minimum effective dose of the T. harzianum strain in open-field trials and to develop application strategies in wheat and maize.

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Photo: Trichoderma harzianum Strain DSM 25764. Picture: University of Padova

Massimo Benuzzi
Massimo Benuzzi
Fusarium in cereals

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