BCA against Cabbage moth

BIOCOMES objectives:

The overall objective is to develop a novel parasitoid-based product for control of at least one key pest in Brassica vegetable crops with the potential to control additional noctuid pests of major agricultural crops. The specific objectives are:

  • To characterize Telenomus sp. population structures in European Brassica vegetable production areas and to determine intraspecific variability of Telenomus sp.
  • To optimize parameters relevant for productivity of rearing systems, storage and transport logistics, and field efficacy of Telenomus sp.
  • To upscale high quality production of Telenomus sp.. and to develop efficient delivery systems
  • To integrate the egg parasitoid Telenomus sp. in current plant protection strategies in representative production systems of brassica

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Photo: FiBL

Lucius Tamm
Lucius Tamm
Cabbage moth

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